The Keg Richmond Hill Patio Bifold

Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, The Keg is transformed into a remarkable indoor/outdoor restaurant. The thermal qualities of Monarch Moveable Glass Walls win the confidence of The Keg restaurants. Moveable Glass Walls are integrated into curtain wall sections, providing excellent thermal quality, as well as a luxurious aesthetically pleasing solution for The Keg restaurant. With a stunning fireplace centered between two of the Monarch Prestige Series Bifold Movable Glass walls, the patio of The Keg has an image of fine dining with the feeling of comfort. When the Moveable Glass Walls are tucked away, it provides the staff and customers easier access outside. When closed, the Moveable Glass Walls provide excellent thermal quality against colder climates while lowering air conditioning costs in warmer climates. With the addition of the Prestige Series Movable Glass Walls, The Keg's customers are able to enjoy their meals inside and out.
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