National Home Show in Toronto 2012

Come visit Monarch on March 16th at the 2012 National Home Show in Toronto.

National Homeshow Lakefront living is at a premium in today’s real-estate market, and finally managing to get your piece of waterfront property is a feeling of success and victory in a very tough market.  The next step in making that piece of land your own, is building a home which integrates the scenic beauty of waterfront property into the existing home, or one you’ve designed yourself.   Extending your home’s interiors beyond the walls can mean a few things, but for waterfront living the dream has to be eating breakfast in a nook overlooking the water, relaxing with a glass of wine while the sun sets over the water, or having the windows open all day on those hot summer days to let the fresh smell of cold, clean lake water permeate the house and leave you feeling that fresh, revitalized feeling that only living on the water can provide.  Beautiful, picturesque scenery is best brought into your home with broad picture windows, and ideally the more glass, the better when it comes to lakefront homes.

The only thing that would make the lakefront experience more complete, is really allowing that outdoor beauty and atmosphere into the house, and conventional wisdom tells us that the best way to do so is to open up a window, or make do with a big picture window overlooking the water.  What if you could open an entire wall though?  With moving glass wall systems from Monarch, that possibility is actually a sound reality.  Lakefront living is enhanced if we allow our home to extend into the lake, or if you prefer, integrating the natural beauty of the lake with the home.  The variety of movable glass walls uses modern architectural and design concepts to make lakefront living even better...if that’s possible.

Lakefront Glass Walls An area of concern for some builders and home designers has been the severe weather changes that lakefront property is prone to seeing, and certainly conventional glass walls have proven to be tested and true in mild to moderate weather conditions.  While the conventional glass wall has proven durable and functional, the added benefit of a movable glass wall turns a framed picture into a walk-in experience.  That waterfront view or sunset you covet can, in fact, turn into a beautiful life experience with moving glass wall systems.  The picture inset shows the view from inside the home, overlooking the water.  The huge panes of glass provide picturesque views of the water and the surrounding nature, and the tasteful design and installation (shown at the top of the previous page above from the exterior) adds to the exterior beauty of the home.  While the view provided here with the glass wall in the closed position is a great example of why Lakefront property is at such a premium, the benefits of being able to remove the wall on a whim and fully integrate the outdoor natural beauty of the waterfront setting are nearly inconceivable.  The picture doesn’t truly do justice to the impact and effect that the moving glass wall (provided by Monarch Moving Glass Walls) has on the experience of water front living.  The picture below shows the wall in the open position, with the entire wall of the house having been pushed aside to allow the full extension of the home beyond its exterior walls.

Open Glass Wall Lakefront

It would be very difficult to imagine a more breathable and open living space than the one created here by the moving glass walls.  The home is effectively turned into a luxury resort with a dining area fully exposed to the natural beauty of the lake, the trees and sun, all while still remaining protected indoors.  The architecture of these walls allows for this transition to be made extremely easily, and moving the walls from open to closed is simple enough that it only takes one hand to extend the home beyond the exterior walls.  This convenience and ease of use is complimented by durable construction and rigorous safety and integrity requirements to meet the varying weather and temperature  conditions of lake front living.

If investing in waterfront property is in your future, or you’ve already made your purchase, consider the possibilities of remodelling or building with a movable glass wall system.  Modern design has made these systems both designer and architect friendly, and synthesize principles of decorating and design with architectural integrity and harmony.  The Monarch Moving Glass Wall system will raise the book value, and the enjoyment level, of your waterfront property and allow you to get the best possible experience from your lakefront home. Visit Monarch at the 2012 National Home Show in Toronto, Ontario.  
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