Muskoka Island Dream Home

Island Home Rendering

E.M. Forester, the British author, in his story, Howards End, asks “What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives?” It’s a question that’s just as relevant today as when the work was first published over a century ago.

This dream home just outside Muskoka will take in the whole natural world, appreciating its complex beauty and wonder. Built on an island peninsula, the home features glass throughout, allowing the homeowners and their guests to enjoy the view of the water from either side.

This spectacular home, in the heart of Ontario cottage country, will include an impressive three sliding glass walls with lift and slide technology, four folding glass doors and curtain walling facades that will allow for a fantastic view of the surroundings. With the ability to open the sliding glass walls and folding glass doors, this cottage will be an open space that will permit the natural elements to be fully appreciated.

Curtain Wall Facade and Manual Door

Curtain Walling

A shot of the curtain walling from below.

The manual door, with the lake just visible on the right.

The cottage will not only provide an incredible view, its inhabitants will be able to make the most of the wonderful weather that makes cottage country the place to be all summer long. With the full glass facade and great light exposure on both sides of the home, the need for interior lighting is greatly reduced during the day, making it an environmentally-conscious build. Additionally, the opening elements of the build-- the sliding glass walls and folding glass doors-- will permit a breeze to blow through the home, taking advantage of on-shore and off-shore breezes and significantly reducing the need for air conditioning throughout the summer months. The excellent thermal qualities of the glass will help to ensure that the house is well-insulated, reducing the cost of heating during the winter months. This dream home is not only located in an incredible and idyllic natural setting, it is designed to be a home that cares about the natural world as well.

Monarch is delighted to be involved in this build, which is progressing rapidly and with great excitement. The fantastic architecture of the project allows Monarch to be a part of not simply a window and door installation but, rather, the erection of an incredible piece of installation art. With sun, moon, stars and wind within grasp, this is a dream home where the realization of nature is always present and the art of humankind blends beautifully with the art of nature.

An interior view, looking at the gorgeous lakefront surroundings of the home.

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