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Monarch Movable Screen Systems

Monarch Moveable Glass Walls provide bug screening systems to allow our customers to enjoy the outdoors from the safety of their interior designs. The combination of large operable opening glass walls and sleek remote control screen systems are unique and distinctive approach to outdoor living. Monarch's Remote Control Screens are custom made to fit our doors and windows. State of the art electronic systems allow large spans to roll smoother and quicker than other systems.

The supreme character of the electronic-limit control tubular motor has a high accuracy of motor limit settings and intelligent control operation. With built-in intelligent controls, the limit setting and remote/switch controls are convenient and user friendly. Monarch provides multiple motors in direct parallel connection which are operable for single or group control.

Monarch also provides the intelligent remote control solution for any end-motorized products. With our receiver and transmitter any motor can be operated by remote control or weather sensors including shade systems.

The Monarch Remote Control Screen system is custom manufactured to integrate with Monarch Moveable Glass Wall Systems so they are discrete and non-obtrusive to the view. Monarch Screens systems use high quality components to ensure the reliability of the whole screen system. Unlike other screen manufacturers, the Monarch professionals are engaged from conception through the consulting and construction process. Monarch’s specialized trades are trained in providing service throughout the process including installation of Moveable Glass Wall systems and remote control screening or shade systems. Monarch’s experts will liaison with the architects, designers, builders, brick contractors and electricians to ensure a smooth implementation of the entire system.