Glass Walls in North American Modern Homes - Monarch Glass Walls

The use of glass is no doubt the latest in interior design trends, ideas, and architecture.  Interior designers and architects believe that the use of glass adds beauty and class to any space and structure. What makes glass walls architecturally attractive are their clean, simple, crisp and environmentally-friendly attributes. Living in condominiums and apartments has become a rising trend in urban areas. Given the small space, designers favored incorporating glass into their design because it makes indoor space look bigger, fresh and modern.

 On this note, Architect Lee F. Mindel had recently made a remark on his New York City creation “The city and the river become an animated ballet…” by opening up the interior of the former apartment.  Arguably the most beautiful feature of his rejuvenation of a former Meier complex is the use of outdoor spaces.  Balconies are “expansive and wrapped by frameless glass railings so the magnificent views beyond seem uninhibited.”

Moveable Glass walls give the owner a different perception and a close consciousness of the surroundings. Monarch Moveable Glass Walls offers these types of unique, modern and elegant architectural designs.  The glass walls permit the architect or designer to adhere to the curtain wall design of the original structure but give the prospect to let the homeowner experience a brand new and interesting trend of what modern yet practical architecture is all about.

George Mei, President and CEO of Monarch Moveable Glass Walls states that “The moving glass walls give an opportunity to experience the extraordinary vistas of the outdoor experience while keeping the sleek look of the original curtain walls.”

Monarch Moveable Glass Walls is proud to create and revamp old architecture to contemporary levels of functionality and design, showcasing great features such as the remote screen system, electronic shades and seamless glass railings. Owners can also enjoy their private, serene and comfortable space without any disturbance, while having the security of locking off the interior with the high security multi-point locking systems that Monarch’s provides.

With the fast-rising development for modern and cool spaces, moveable glass walls installed in homes can create a luxury space with an edge and style. As George Mei points out, “Monarch Moveable Glass Walls provide the solution for keeping the sleek look of the curtain wall but allowing the glass walls to totally move to the side and open up the space to the ambiance of the city.”