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- Key Milestones & Achievements -

2004- Washington Build

Monarch completes a project in Washington, D.C.

2005- Conservatories

Monarch makes a mark in the conservatory market with its unique designs.

2006- Swimming Pool Project

Monarch spreads its reputation as an innovator, bringing the outside in with "swim-spa" concepts.

2007- Glass Walls

Monarch introduces Moveable Glass Walls at the Cottage Life Show.

2008- Home Show

Monarch unveils its Moveable Glass Walls, combined with structural curtain walling, building a 2-storey application of the combination.

2009- House & Home Model Home

Monarch builds the "House & Home" model home for the Toronto Metro Homeshow.

2009- The Keg

Monarch receives a contract to outfit The Keg restaurant located just north of Toronto, Canada, in Richmond Hill, with Monarch Moveable Glass Walls.

2010- Research & Development

Monarch travels to Belgium to be the first to assess new movable wall technology from its research and development company.

Spring 2011- The West

Monarch attains contract for “The West” condominium/hotel development and drives price point for developer up 30%.

November 2011- North American Fenestration Standards

Monarch passes North American Fenestration Standards (NAFS) for its Prestige Series Movable Glass Walls, achieving test results that withstood 200 mile an hour winds. Achieved performance levels allow Prestige Series movable glass walls to be implemented in 22-storey buildings.

2011- St. Lawrence Market and Esplanade

Toronto renovation of the St. Lawrence Market and Esplanade contract is given to Monarch. Monarch designs and installs Monarch glass walls for entire Market Street and part of the Esplanade, a historic tourist area of Toronto.

2012- KEG Approval

Having passed The Keg's supplier authorization program, including a two-year testing period, Monarch becomes an approved supplier for The Keg restaurant builds. To date, Monarch has been involved in building five Keg restaurants.

March 2012- Dream Home for the Canadian National Home Builders Show

Mayor Ford of Toronto congratulates Monarch on its innovative glass systems and creating "a true dream home."

Spring 2012- Reno & Décor Magazine

Jackie Glass, a feature designer on one of Canada’s top design shows, applauds Monarch as the “jewel” of the Canadian National Home Builders Show and features Monarch in Reno & Décor Magazine.

March 2012- Google Search

Monarch’s Web site hits #1 on “glass wall” and “moveable glass walls” Google searches, surpassing Nanawall, the market leader.

September 2012- 150,000+ YouTube Views

Video for Monarch registers 157,000 hits on Youtube.

Fall 2012- Monarch enters U.S. with Distribution Contract with Hufcor Inc.

Agreement is made with Hufcor Inc., the world’s largest supplier of interior movable wall systems, to distribute throughout the USA, as “Monarch by Hufcor” for Commercial Markets and as "Monarch’s" own brand for the Residential markets, accessing over 300 dealers in the USA.

October 2012- #1 Google Search Result

Monarch surpasses Nanawall as #1 Google result for key word search
“movable glass wall” in USA. Nanawall has $42 million market share.

October 2012- 150,000+ YouTube Views

New Monarch video registers 152,000 views on YouTube.

November 2012- Nespresso Project

Nespresso contracts Monarch Moveable Glass Walls for its new cafe location.

January 2013- NAHB Homeshow

Monarch by Hufcor enters the US market at the NAHB International Builders’ Show® in Las Vegas.

A spectacular example of a Monarch Conservatory, lit up at night.

The pool becomes four seasons, even in a cold climate, with the swim-spa design.

A beautiful winter sunset is visible from the pool-side of the swim-spa design.

Margaritaville offers an example of Monarch's two-storey curtain walling.

Monarch's products, featured at The Keg in Richmond Hill.

A tranquil pool cabana, featuring a moveable glass wall.

A rendering of The West, a condo building to be built in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

George Mei, President and CEO of Monarch, speaks with Live with Revive about Monarch's exciting innovations.

Wood grain anodizing matches the wood features of the home, while offering a low-maintenance, non-warping solution.

Mayor Ford of Toronto, Canada congratulates George Mei, President and CEO of Monarch, on the Dream Home.

Jackie Glass describes her experience working with Monarch.

Monarch ranks higher than Nanawall in Canada on Google.

Monarch partners with Hufcor for distribution throughout the United States.

Monarch's marketing strategies include the use of YouTube to give clients examples of product applications.

The National Association of Home Builders, host of the International Builders' Show.