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Monarch Project Featured in Canadian House & Home Magazine


Monarch Moveable Glass Walls is electrified to be featured in Canadian House & Home Magazine as they story a “Chic Retreat” Makeover for one of our past projects. With the ability to open the doors up, Monarch Moveable Glass Walls totally transforms a garage into a stylish chic retreat. It allows the owners the opportunity to truly appreciate the fresh air, warm weather and new “Chic Retreat” entertaining space. Monarch is proud to offer doors that will deliver beauty, quality and distinction.

We would like to send a big Thank you to Canadian House & Home Magazine for recognizing our luxury product. We are very proud to be involved in this creation.

Thinking about a Spring Renovation?

As the weather becomes warmer and the outdoors comes to life, our own thoughts of change and improvement, which have rested over the cold winter, revive as well. If you’re considering making some changes to your space over the next few months, think about the difference a movable glass wall would make in your home. A movable glass wall can improve not only the resale value of your home but also increase your own enjoyment of your space as well.

Movable glass walls are an excellent feature in a home. Monarch’s line of movable glass walls are energy efficient, ensuring that your home is well-insulated, keeping cool air in during the summer months and warm air in during the wintertime. Monarch’s use of thermally broken window frames ensure that the heat transfer between indoors and out is significantly reduced. Additionally, Monarch’s movable glass walls are desirable because of their quality workmanship. With a great long-term warranty, a movable glass wall is a worry-free investment that will be dependable over time. Furthermore, movable glass walls are environmentally friendly, as they can be opened up in the summer to allow a natural breeze into the home, reducing the use of air conditioning. Movable glass walls, with their thermal properties, superior manufacture and green-focus, are a tremendous attribute to any home. Read more

Muskoka Island Dream Home

Island Home Rendering

E.M. Forester, the British author, in his story, Howards End, asks “What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives?” It’s a question that’s just as relevant today as when the work was first published over a century ago.

This dream home just outside Muskoka will take in the whole natural world, appreciating its complex beauty and wonder. Built on an island peninsula, the home features glass throughout, allowing the homeowners and their guests to enjoy the view of the water from either side. Read more