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Monarch Project Featured in Canadian House & Home Magazine


Monarch Moveable Glass Walls is electrified to be featured in Canadian House & Home Magazine as they story a “Chic Retreat” Makeover for one of our past projects. With the ability to open the doors up, Monarch Moveable Glass Walls totally transforms a garage into a stylish chic retreat. It allows the owners the opportunity to truly appreciate the fresh air, warm weather and new “Chic Retreat” entertaining space. Monarch is proud to offer doors that will deliver beauty, quality and distinction.

We would like to send a big Thank you to Canadian House & Home Magazine for recognizing our luxury product. We are very proud to be involved in this creation.

Port Carling Project - Contemporary design with lift & slide glass walls

Monarch Moveable Glass Walls allow you to gain a tangible connection with the beauty of nature, while enjoying all the comforts of your home. With the help of our lift and slide glass walls, homeowners are able to experience a playfully flawless interaction between indoor and outdoor environments. One of our latest projects in Port Carling is no exception. Residing along the gorgeous shores of Lake Joseph, this palatial home allows its owners to take pleasure in all of the unique natural wonders that Northern Ontario has to offer.

Thinking about a Spring Renovation?

As the weather becomes warmer and the outdoors comes to life, our own thoughts of change and improvement, which have rested over the cold winter, revive as well. If you’re considering making some changes to your space over the next few months, think about the difference a movable glass wall would make in your home. A movable glass wall can improve not only the resale value of your home but also increase your own enjoyment of your space as well.

Movable glass walls are an excellent feature in a home. Monarch’s line of movable glass walls are energy efficient, ensuring that your home is well-insulated, keeping cool air in during the summer months and warm air in during the wintertime. Monarch’s use of thermally broken window frames ensure that the heat transfer between indoors and out is significantly reduced. Additionally, Monarch’s movable glass walls are desirable because of their quality workmanship. With a great long-term warranty, a movable glass wall is a worry-free investment that will be dependable over time. Furthermore, movable glass walls are environmentally friendly, as they can be opened up in the summer to allow a natural breeze into the home, reducing the use of air conditioning. Movable glass walls, with their thermal properties, superior manufacture and green-focus, are a tremendous attribute to any home. Read more

Muskoka Island Dream Home

Island Home Rendering

E.M. Forester, the British author, in his story, Howards End, asks “What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives?” It’s a question that’s just as relevant today as when the work was first published over a century ago.

This dream home just outside Muskoka will take in the whole natural world, appreciating its complex beauty and wonder. Built on an island peninsula, the home features glass throughout, allowing the homeowners and their guests to enjoy the view of the water from either side. Read more

A Spectacular Cottage Home with a View


Simple, beautiful and remarkable.

All words that can aptly describe this project. Though still in the building phase, it is easy to see the grand work of art that this cottage is becoming. We are so proud to be a part of its creation.

Located in Northern Ontario and perched elegantly above the lake, these cottage owners will soon be enjoying the beautiful sunrise and blurring the lines between their indoor and outdoor surroundings.

Utilizing Monarch Sliding Glass Walls, including one 8 meter unit, as well as large sealed units, and parallel opening windows, this cottage will take your breath away. While cold winter conditions make our work no easy feat, our drive to produce a distinct and remarkable end product keeps us going. Once completed, we will share this masterpiece, carefully framed by trees, stone and water.

Cumberland Street Renovation

December 5, 2012 Posted by admin in News

Glass Walls in North American Modern Homes - Monarch Glass Walls

The use of glass is no doubt the latest in interior design trends, ideas, and architecture.  Interior designers and architects believe that the use of glass adds beauty and class to any space and structure. What makes glass walls architecturally attractive are their clean, simple, crisp and environmentally-friendly attributes. Living in condominiums and apartments has become a rising trend in urban areas. Given the small space, designers favored incorporating glass into their design because it makes indoor space look bigger, fresh and modern.

Read more

Bring The Outside Into Your Summer Pool House

Pool House

Owning a swimming pool can give fun and pleasure to the whole family, but is it worth it for a few weeks of summer heat? It is simply not practical and a bit absurd to construct a pool in this side of the region where you experience harsh winters and lengthy autumn months.  Aside from unpredictable weather, frequent onslaughts of pests and bugs can post major disappointments, too. Monarch Moveable Glass Walls brings unique bi folding doors to homeowners to allow them to experience and enjoy a cozy and inviting pool Read more
June 6, 2012 Posted by admin in News

Coastal Experience

Whether you are building your dream home on one of North America’s pristine lakes or venturing to the coastal ocean fronts, Monarch Moveable Glass Walls changes the experience. Now you can enjoy the fresh breeze, the sights and the sounds of nature while sitting in the comfort of your home regardless of the weather.  Monarch Moveable Glass Walls uses precision constructed thermally broken aluminum extrusions with engineered stainless steel tracking systems, multi point locking systems and shoot bolt technology in order to guarantee a firm, solid seal. Read more
March 2, 2012 Posted by admin in News

National Home Show in Toronto 2012

Come visit Monarch on March 16th at the 2012 National Home Show in Toronto.

National Homeshow Lakefront living is at a premium in today’s real-estate market, and finally managing to get your piece of waterfront property is a feeling of success and victory in a very tough market.  The next step in making that piece of land your own, is building a home which integrates the scenic beauty of waterfront property into the existing home, or one you’ve designed yourself.   Extending your home’s interiors beyond the walls can mean a few things, but for waterfront living the dream has to be eating breakfast in a nook overlooking the water, relaxing with a glass of wine while the sun sets over the water, or having the windows open all day on those hot summer days to let the fresh smell of cold, clean lake water permeate the house and leave you feeling that fresh, revitalized feeling that only living on the water can provide.  Beautiful, picturesque scenery is best brought into your home with broad picture windows, and ideally the more glass, the better when it comes to lakefront homes. Read more