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National Home Show in Toronto 2012

Come visit Monarch on March 16th at the 2012 National Home Show in Toronto.

National Homeshow Lakefront living is at a premium in today’s real-estate market, and finally managing to get your piece of waterfront property is a feeling of success and victory in a very tough market.  The next step in making that piece of land your own, is building a home which integrates the scenic beauty of waterfront property into the existing home, or one you’ve designed yourself.   Extending your home’s interiors beyond the walls can mean a few things, but for waterfront living the dream has to be eating breakfast in a nook overlooking the water, relaxing with a glass of wine while the sun sets over the water, or having the windows open all day on those hot summer days to let the fresh smell of cold, clean lake water permeate the house and leave you feeling that fresh, revitalized feeling that only living on the water can provide.  Beautiful, picturesque scenery is best brought into your home with broad picture windows, and ideally the more glass, the better when it comes to lakefront homes. Read more